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Gemini Woman: Personality, Love, Sex & Relationships

Gemini Zodiac Sign
  • Gemini Dates: May 21 – June 20
  • Zodiac Symbol: Twins
  • Element: Air
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Ruling House: 3rd
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Polarity: Positive
  • Power Color: Yellow, Blue
  • Birthstones: Agate, Chrysoprase, Citrine, Moonstone, Pearl
  • Flowers: Lavender, Lily of the Valley
  • Key Traits: Adaptable, Social, Restless
  • Desires: Success, Recognition, Esteem
  • Compatible Signs: Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius

The Gemini Woman in Bed & Sex

Her sexual fantasies are wild and she can have many fetishes. For example, an orgy or a threesome wouldn’t sound that scary to her. She would do anything to be satisfied. She’s not like other zodiac signs so she’s more of a receiver than a giver.

That’s why the Gemini woman will be demanding in bed and you will have to go down on her almost every night. However, all this doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of pleasuring the partner because she is. Pay close attention with her. She’s not the most committed lover as she likes one-night stands with random people whose names she doesn’t even know. This is the type of woman who could potentially accept an open relationship.

She doesn’t really believe in sex with only one partner and she won’t expect you to be an adept of this thinking either. If you’ve been lucky enough to get together with a Gemini lady, you now know how she views life and what she thinks of sex.

The Gemini Woman in Love

Duality is a key term to remember for a Gemini woman in love. If you’re starting to date a Gemini woman, you need to be ready for anything, but rest assured that most of it is quite good. She has two sides to her, and depending on your Zodiac love compatibility, among other things, that could be an issue or it could be nothing to worry about at all. When you date a Gemini female, you’re going to be dating someone who is naturally beautiful, who is always up for fun and who is always intrigued by good conversation. You’re also going to be active, as a Gemini woman is not one to sit around and watch television and watch the world pass by slowly.

If you’re looking for a true, deep emotional connection where you share your feelings without filter or regret, the Gemini female may be a bit of a rough match for you. She’s not one to dig deep in her heart and pour it out there. Her propensity to talk is more about surface-level things, or even things that she feels important, but she closely guards her feelings and frankly doesn’t want to spend time dwelling on them. This can make her seem distant, but that’s not her intent; she’s just thinking about what she can do next.

The Gemini Woman in Relationships

Gemini woman is spontaneous and won’t stay in a relationship that doesn’t make her happy for very long. It is impossible to tie her down and protect her from the world, because this is the last thing she wants from a relationship. She is an Air goddess and needs her wings for flying. She wants to travel, move from city to city and meet new people all the time. If her partner is insecure in any way, it will be hard to tame her. Gemini is a mutable sign, and she can be adaptable when she wants to be, but she also needs enough room to be herself. When she is tied down, she becomes deeply unhappy and can seem as if she is going to wither with a possessive partner.

The Gemini Woman Friendship

If you got some big news that day and you want to go celebrate at the last minute, your Gemini friend will be more than likely to take you up on your offer. She’s always up for something spontaneous, and she’ll always make that experience fun and memorable. If you’re feeling blue and not really in the mood to say much, you won’t have to worry about that either, as the Gemini female is always ready and able to carry a conversation and to keep people engaged.

On the flip side, your Gemini friend may make you a bit crazy from time to time as well. It’s very difficult to get her to commit to plans and then to stick to them. She’s regularly late for things and tends to move from one thought or desire to the next without warning. If you need to have a serious, deep discussion and get into your most inner thoughts, your Gemini friend may not be the person to call. She’s more interested in light-hearted conversation and taking it easy while doing something new.

Personality Traits

  • Idealistic and sentimental
  • Multifaceted, complex, active mind
  • Passionate and romantic
  • Vivacious
  • Good hostesses
  • Charming
  • intellectually stimulating and imaginative
  • Independent
  • Can be fidgety
  • Don’t like to commit
  • Love attention
  • Bored easily

Gemini Woman FAQ

What is the personality of a Gemini woman?

Gemini women are very passionate about life but are very hesitant when it comes to love. Due to their intelligence and indecisiveness, Gemini women agonize about the important decisions in their life. If you’re dating a Gemini woman, be patient with her; it may take her longer to commit to a serious relationship.

Can I trust a Gemini woman?

Gemini is a complex sign, so they can come off as untrustworthy for a variety of reasons — one of them being the fact that they’re so complex. “Geminis are social chameleons with dual personalities, and it’s their logical mindset and curious personalities that could ultimately get them into trouble,” Mesa says. But Gemini can be more trustworthy, and fib less often, if they’d like to. All it takes is communication. A friend or partner of a Gemini might want to share their thoughts more often, in order to make Gemini come around and feel more willing to share the truth. And, Gemini themselves might want to work on being more open, so that they seem less sneaky.

How do you know if a Gemini girl likes you?

When a Gemini girl loves you, they become very animated. They will use their shoulders, head, and hands to communicate their feelings for you. They are likely to stare at your lips as you talk. All the while they will be fiddling with their rings or fingers.

How does a Gemini woman express love?

How can you tell a Gemini likes you? Honestly, you should be able to tell. Gemini express themselves strongly through words, but they can also express their love to you through actions. You should feel like a Gemini has a certain amount of focus toward you. The tricky part might be that Gemini is a social sign, so you might not know if you are special to them or if you are being treated the same as everyone else. Gemini are contagious, happy going souls—for the most part. They like to keep things light rather than too dense or heavy (think Scorpio). This is someone who will talk to you extensively. They don’t like to put too much emotion forward first, but if they are willing to go deeper and are opening up, then that’s a clear sign. If they start saying they like you and open up about their feelings—this is a clear indicator.